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1、Arm n. 手臂;v. 武装

◆ His arms are very strong. 他的双臂非常强壮。

◆ The men armed themselves with sticks and stones. 这些人以棍棒和石块作为武器。

2、Back n. 背部;v. 支持

◆ A small boy rode on the elephant's back. 一个小男孩骑在大象背上。

◆ Her parents backed her in her choice of career. 她父母支持她的职业选择。

3、Bank n. 银行;n. 河岸

◆ I need to go to the bank. 我得去趟银行。

◆ He jumped in and swam to the opposite bank. 他跳下水,游到对岸。

4、Bath v. 洗澡;n. 浴盆

◆ I'll bath the children. 我要给孩子们洗澡。

◆ The children like to have bubbles in their bath. 孩子们喜欢浴盆里有肥皂泡。

5、Bow n. 弓;v. 鞠躬

◆ At that time, people hunt with bows and arrows. 在那时,人们以弓和箭行猎。

◆ She bowed on the stage. 她在舞台上鞠了一躬。

6、Cement n. 水泥;n. 黏合剂;v. 巩固

◆ A puppy stepped in the fresh cement. 一只小狗踩在刚抹好的水泥面上。

◆ Stick the pieces on with tile cement. 用瓷砖黏合剂把这些碎片粘上去。

◆ Our object is to further cement trade relations. 我们的目标是进一步加强贸易关系。

7、Cost n. 成本;v. 花费

◆ The company admits its costs are still too high. 该公司承认其成本仍然过高。

◆ How much did it cost? 这东西要多少钱?

8、Cover n. 封面;v. 覆盖

◆ Her face was on the cover of every magazine. 各种杂志的封面都有她的头像。

◆ Snow covered the ground. 积雪覆盖了大地。

9、Cross n. 叉号;n. 十字架;v. 交叉

◆ Please sign your name by the cross. 请在叉号旁边签名。

◆ Around her neck was a cross on a silver chain. 她脖子上戴着一个垂挂着十字架的银链。

◆ The roads cross just outside the town. 这些道路正好在城外交叉。

10、Dog n. 狗;n. 卑鄙的人;v. 跟踪,尾随

◆ I like my dog. 我喜欢我的小狗。

◆ You stole my watch, you dog. 你偷了我的手表,你这卑鄙小人。

◆ Do not keep dogging me! 不要跟踪我!

11、Dress n. 连衣裙;v. 打扮;v. (给…)穿衣

◆ How do you like this dress? 你觉得这条连衣裙怎么样?

◆ They tried to dress him up as a clown. 他们想把他打扮成一个小丑。

◆ I usually have to dress the kids in the mornings. 早上我通常得给孩子们穿衣服。

12、Drive v. 驾驶;n. 驱动器

◆ You should drive carefully. 你应该谨慎驾驶。

◆ This will extend the life of the drive. 这会延长驱动器的寿命。

13、Face n. 脸;v. 面对

◆ She has a beautiful face. 她有张漂亮的脸。

◆ How should we face death? 我们将如何面对死亡?

14、Fall v. 落下;n. 秋季

◆ Apples fall from the tree. 苹果从树上落下。

◆ Which season do you like? Fall. 你最喜欢哪个季节?秋天。

15、Fan n. 风扇;n. 狂热者(崇拜明星的人);v. 煽动

◆ Please turn the electric fan on. 请打开电风扇。

◆ My boss is a football fan. 我的上司是一位足球迷。

◆ I'm lucky to be one of 30 fans. 我是很幸运成为30个粉丝中的一员。

◆ This incident could fan the flame of rebellion. 这场事件可能煽动反叛的情绪。

16、Fat adj. 肥胖的;n. 脂肪

◆ He is fat. 他很胖。

◆ Cream has a high fat content. 奶油中脂肪含量很高。

17、Fox n. 狐狸;n. 狡猾的人;v. 使迷惑,欺骗

◆ When the hare dies, the fox mourns. 兔死狐悲,物伤其类。

◆ He was a sly old fox. 他是个狡猾的老狐狸。

◆ He was completely foxed by her behavior. 他完全被她的行为欺骗了。

18、Green n. 绿色;adj. 未成熟的;v. 绿化

◆ I like green. 我喜欢绿色。

◆ The new trainees are still very green. 这些受培训的新学员还很不成熟。

◆ Existing derelict land is needed for greening the cities. 现有的荒地要用来绿化城市。

19、Key n. 钥匙;n. 答案;n. 关键

◆ This key belongs to me. 这把钥匙是属于我的。

◆ Do you know the key to the question? 你知道问题的答案吗?

◆ China's support is the key to the success of the coalition. 中国的支持是联盟成功的关键。

20、Light n. 光;adj. 明亮的;v. 点燃

◆ We saw a flash of light. 我们看到一道闪光。

◆ It is a light room with tall windows. 这是一间明亮的房间,窗户高大。

◆ He stopped to light a cigarette. 他停下来点了一支烟。

21、Master v. 控制;n. 主人

◆ She struggled hard to master her temper. 她竭力控制自己的脾气。

◆ You'll have to ask the master's permission. 你得去请求主人的同意。

22、Mouse n. 老鼠;n. 鼠标;n. 胆小者

◆ The mouse whisked into its hole. 这只老鼠飞快地地跑进洞去。

◆ I clicked the mouse, but nothing happened. 我按了一下鼠标,但什么都没有出现。

◆ You're such a mouse! 你这个懦夫!

23、Pig n. 猪;n. 贪婪的人;v. 大吃特吃

◆ A pig is a domestic animal. 猪是一种家畜。

◆ You greedy pig! 你可真贪婪!

◆ They pigged out on pizza. 他们猛抢着吃比萨饼。

24、Place n. 地方;v. 放置

◆ Make sure you keep the key in a safe place. 一定要把钥匙放在安全的地方。

◆ He placed his hand on her shoulder. 他把手搭在她的肩上。

25、Plant n. 植物;v. 种植

◆ All plants need light and water. 一切植物都需要阳光和水。

◆ We've planted tomatoes in the garden. 我们在菜园里种了番茄。

26、Produce v. 生产;n. 产品

◆ New drugs are producing remarkable results. 新药正在产生显著的效果。

◆ The shop sells only fresh local produce. 这家商店专售当地的新鲜农产品。

27、Question n. 问题;v. 询问

◆ Can I ask you a question? 我能问你个问题吗?

◆ She hates being questioned about her past. 她讨厌被人问起她的过去。

28、Reach v. 延伸;n. 范围

◆ The garden reaches the lake. 花园一直延伸到湖边。

◆ Victory is now out of her reach. 胜利现在对于她来说已遥不可及。

29、School n. 学校;v. 教育

◆ I like my school. 我喜欢我的学校。

◆ She was schooled in hiding her emotions. 她被教育要隐藏自己的情绪。

30、See v. 看见;v. 理解;v. 见证

◆ I saw him yesterday. 我昨天看见他了。

◆ Oh, I see what you're saying. 哦,我明白你说的了。

◆ Next year sees the centenary of Verdi's death. 明年是威尔第逝世一百周年。


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